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The World Association of Lebanese Neurosurgeons (WALN) is an inclusive body of professionals involved in the practice of Neurosurgery, who have an interest in or any connection with Lebanon.


Its Mission is to foster the Lebanese Neurosurgical heritage and to promote bridges of professional brotherhood among Neurosurgeons of Lebanese descent and/or education. Objectives consistent with this Mission include the furthering of professional and academic contacts between Neurosurgeons in Lebanon and abroad.


As a founding principle, issues of political, racial or religious nature or connotation are strictly excluded and prohibited from the Association. Furthermore, there shall be no discrimination related to politics, race, or religion, or to the country or type of training or practice, or to the scope of neurosurgical background or activities. As part of WALN’s federal status, and the Board policy, there shall be no discrimination in the services provided regardless of ability to pay of the recipients.


During the meeting of the World Lebanese Union Congress held in Beirut in August 1971, the idea to gather all neurosurgeons of Lebanese origin and to hold a meeting in Beirut was conceived by Dr Fuad Haddad.

The meeting was to be held in Beirut, in July 1973, immediately before the International Congress in Japan. Needless to say, that it took another 24 years to realize that dream: 1997 and the WALN homecoming congress… This period witnessed the birth of WALN.



Dr. Awad received a letter from Dr. Haddad with 35 names and the idea of WALN.


Dr. Mohasseb, who was visiting the Cleveland Clinic, revisited the subject with Dr. Awad and added new names. Dr. Awad mailed a survey to all potential members. The result of that mailing was the original database of WALN.


During the meeting of the Middle East Neurosurgical Society in Beirut in May, Dr. Awad was introduced as President of WALN.


The founding meeting was held in Acapulco in October. A small preparatory meeting was previously held in Vancouver during the same month along with the CNS meeting. But it was in Acapulco (in conjunction with the WFNS Meeting) that the first elections were held and the officers were empowered to write the Bylaws.


Draft of the Bylaws was circulated for suggestions and recommendations in February.

-Dr. Kamel Muakkassa designed the logo, and discussed the name with Dr. Awad.

-During the AANS meeting in San Diego, the logo, name and Bylaws were approved.


A landmark event occurred in the history of WALN and Lebanese Neurosurgery: the WALN Homecoming Congress. During that meeting, new elections were held and a new president was elected, Dr. Mokbel Chedid.

The first period of WALN was a period of consolidation culminating with the success achieved during the WALN homecoming meeting.

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